Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sap Hana Training Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tips

SAP HANA Training & SAP HANA Certification

Learn, Try, Implement:
A wonderful place to start is from SAP HANA Training every place you'll find resources in 1 2 3 categories. 

Learn SAP HANA by yourself:
  The go through video, "Real, Real-Time Computing with SAP In-Memory Computing Technology," is a nice 2-minute presentation that brings home the day-to-day part that HANA can perform in a company, assisting employees make perfect decisions faster by giving them access to data in just seconds that before may took few days or more to pull together. This is a piece you can tell to business executives to help clarify what HANA will mean for them.

Try SAP HANA by yourself: 
  Here's where you can play with HANA yourself, running over sample queries."

Implement SAP HANA by yourself: 
  This part is added for the technical people who are looking for professional's guidance about SAP HANA.

 Certification options for HANA for SAP will certainly vary by region. In the United States of America, at least clients have two preferences for Initial Procedural Enablement on HANA : an online-only and a mixed online-hands-on version. The hands-on portion is led either virtually or by tutorial. 

SAP is also providing training on the HANA on SAP in-memory appliance, with a 2-day classroom version for $1,300 and a virtual version for $435. In either case, the aim is to provide an idea on HANA product strategy, instruction on how to handle HANA on the customer side, and provide an understanding of HANA on SAP from a technical application perspective. 

SAP is also offering a 43-hour, $500 online certification on the SAP HANA analytic appliance defines planning and implementation.


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