Saturday, May 21, 2016

Junior Project Manager Job Fresh, 3 Years Experience in Fremont, CA

 Hiring Junior Project Manager in Fremont, CA

1 job opening for Junior Project Manager occupation with fresh or 3 years experience in Fremont SFO Bay Area,CA. Jobseekers and applying candidates should have Graduate qualification, experience and skills in Engineering.

Offering Corp-Corp employment for Valid Work Visa holders and we're hiring applicants in the field of Building / Construction / Civil Engineering. 

Your yearly salary would be $50000-52000 also you can contact the recruiters for negotiating according to your talent and proven results.

To find the suitable job vacancies
Contact: Chandresh Patil
Employer Address: Fremont, CA, United States

This was posted by employing authority on 42458.7291666667.

You can also view the detailed job descriptions and other facilities on Official or mail us at


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